The Collagenwave® treatments are the perfect non-surgical solution for skin tightening and anti-ageing.
Frequently featured in glossy publications, the Collagenwave® has a growing list of celebrity converts from both sides including David & Victoria Beckham, Pink, Amanda Holden and Nicole Scherzinger to name a few.

Blending beauty with science, this unique non-invasive, non-ablative therapy delivers a highly effective treatment that tightens the skin’s tissues – helping to contour and sculpt, diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin.


Utilising a blend of beauty and science, Collagenwave® uses radio frequency energy to deliver a unique and highly effective non-invasive, non-ablative, and non-surgical treatment.

This innovative approach tightens the skin's tissues, resulting in contouring and sculpting effects while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenating the skin.

Many clients incorporate Collagenwave® into their long term skincare routine, alongside alternative facials, mild skin peels and light therapy as it provides subtle improvements without the need for surgery or more invasive treatments where downtime is required.

The combination of radio frequency treatments and injectables has also demonstrated increased efficacy, resulting in longer-lasting effects and an overall enhanced aesthetic outcome.


The Collagenwave® ULTRA procedure is a specialist procedure currently only offered by Dr Saleh and Nilam Holmes in there respective clinics.

This innovative approach enabling therapists to effectively address specific areas susceptible to sagging and loss of volume.

By employing an ultra fine needle, radio frequency is delivered into deeper layers of the skin, resulting in a heightened level of skin tightening.

what they say about us

“Now I cant imagine my business without it!”

Having had a Collagenwave® machine for over 10 years now I can't imagine my business without it! Clients want results without any downtime, Collagenwave® delivers every time and has been the foundation of building my successful salon.

Natalie Godefroy
Beauty Defined, Director

“the results are so impressive”

We have seen lots of new clients come through our doors since having Collagenwave® as the results are so impressive word of mouth has got round. I also have to say, the support from Collagenwave® has been absolutely amazing.

Olivia Barnes
Enhance Medical Aesthetics, Co-Owner

“collagenwave has gained me so many more new clients”

By adding Collagenwave® to my treatment menu, it has gained me so many more new clients and my existing clients are loving it too.

Jo Colletta
Jo Colletta Skin, Owner

“I am very proud to have collagenwave in my clinic”

Collagenwave®'s support, training and advice has been outstanding, I am very proud to have Collagenwave® in my clinic.

Claire Brain
Taylor Made Beauty, Owner

“collagenwave are fantastic to work with”

Clients really do notice the difference and the team behind Collagenwave® are fantastic to work with. They are always available to help with any client queries, as well as any training and marketing support that we require.

Inanch & Joe Amir
Inanch London, Co-Founders

“the most popular treatment with our clients”

We offer an extensive range of skin procedures and are always adding the latest technology to our treatment list, but year-on-year Collagenwave® continues to be the most popular - our treatment data backs this up.

Peter Holmes
Dermaspa, Director
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